1) I don't have a credit card / Paypal account, how can I order from your shop? 

Unfortunately it is not possible to order through the webshop without a credit card or paypal account. If you’re located in the European Union it is possible to pay with bank transfer though. Contact us through the contact page with your order wishes and we'll send you the details for money transfer. 

2) Do your prices include tax? 

Our prices include tax. No tax will be added if you're not located in the EU. 

3) Do your prices include customs? 

Our prices don't include custom charges for orders outside of the EU.

3) I am a professional photographer / company located in the European Union and have a VAT number, can I order at your store and don't pay VAT? 

Please don't order through our store but send us an email and tell us which films you like and provide us with a valid VAT number. We'll then send you an invoice which you can either pay through paypal or bank transfer. 

4) How do you get the effects on the film? 

We can't tell you exactly how we are doing that, but it doesn't involve chemicals or the like. Our films are produced in order to make development according to the C41 process (for our color negative films) or black and white proces (for our black and white films) in every photographic labaratory possible. 

5) There seems to be something wrong with my film, it doesn't have an effect on it. 

We take strong care, that every single one of our films shows the effect that it promises to have. But since our films are handmade, there is always the possibility of something going wrong. Please send us an email with pictures of the negatives if you think your photos don't carry an effect. We will look into it and if there went something wrong, we will of course send you another film! 

6) Are your films 35mm or 120 films? 

We have both :)

7) Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes, we do! 

8) Do you ship insured? 

 Yes, all our parcels are insured. Should you receive a damaged parcel please ask your postman for a written affirmation that the parcel was damaged on arrival and let us know afterwards.