BLACK & WHITE TRIO by revolog & dubblefilm



►  35mm black and white film
►  process black and white

You like to experiment with black and white photography, and you're sure what look to go for - VHS madness, a winter wonderland, or a papery effect?  
Unleash your creativity and experience all of them with our BLACK & WHITE TRIO!

GLITCH is closer to a VHS machine with bad tracking than a typical B&W film and the effect is even cooler when you animate your frames!
[200 ISO – 36 exposures]

PAPER  is a film with paper-like textures on it. The structure gets stronger at underexposure and is less intense at overexposure.
[400 ISO – 36 exposures]

SNOVLOX conjures up snowflakes on all your images! 
[200 ISO – 36 exposures]